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Paris, the 23rd of April 2019

Xaalys, the first French neo-bank FOR teenagers, has started operating in France.


Xaalys, first neo-bank for teenagers above 12 years and founded by Diana Brondel, has officially launched its product on the market today, after several months of restrained testing. This neo-bank which comes with a Mastercard debit card aims at simplifying pocket-money management within families and fostering teens’ empowerment.

Nowadays, children deal with consumerist temptations sooner than ever. With this given, it does not come as a surprise that teenagers are willing to reproduce grownups behaviors, buy what they thrive for and possess their own payment means to feel in charge. This acknowledgment creates a dilemma for the parents who face the choice whether or not to authorize their children to have their own payment means and as a consequence, raises the question of teenagers’ financial literacy.

“In France, we have a very special relationship to money. The subject of pocket-money and allowances can sometimes create tensions within the family circle. Which amount should I give to my child and how often? Should they be free to spend money entrusted the way they like?” wonders Diana Brondel, CEO of Xaalys. “We think that gaining financial acumen while remaining under the control of their caregivers, i.e. parents, will contribute in turning teenagers into responsible adults”.

Xaalys is a single mobile app, split in two versions for the user. The first version is completely free and solely focused on teenagers’ financial literacy, which they can improve by playing games, answering quizzes or using features like “Wish lists”. Then, the paid version gives the customer an access to the Mastercard debit card and more “practical” features like “Money Pots” and automated “Saving” functionalities.

Xaalys has been designed to ease the life of millions of families, foster awareness about the value of money amongst teenagers from 12 to 17 years old by teaching them how to manage a budget.


A secured mobile app introducing the parent as a co-pilot

Once the application has been downloaded, the teenager can choose whether to remain on the free-version or to access the paid-version. The paid-version has to be subscribed by the teenager’s parent and implies ordering the Mastercard debit card. The remaining features get unblocked as soon as the account-opening is validated by Xaalys’ customer service.

A deep-configurable parental-control interface allows the parent to adjust spending and withdrawal limits, activate spending alerts, and accept/block specific shopping categories for each child. This interface also allows the parent to supply the child’s account by card payment or bank transfer and interact with him by participating to his Pots or chatting directly in the application.

“We are the only company that offers at the same time a debit card, a mobile app with a double parent-children environment and educative content. Xaalys is opened to everyone and does not require the parent to be tied to any particular preexisting banking-network”, adds Diana Brondel.

A simple and accessible offer

Xaalys in a nutshell is:

  • A Mastercard debit card associated to an account linked to a BIN sponsorship
  • No overdraft allowed
  • A mobile app based on a double parent/children interface
  • Educative and gamified financial literacy content
  • 10€ upfront fee for the card’s creation and at home delivery
  • A non-binding 2,99€ monthly subscription for the first child and 2€ for every additional child enrolled in the paid plan.

The early banking experience for teenagers

The interface dedicated to the teenager enables him to ask for transfers, build Wish lists, elaborate saving strategies, raise funds for projects (Money pots), chat in App with friends and in the end, become more familiar with banking concepts and vocabulary thanks to educative-gamified-financial literacy content designed in partnership with La Finance pour Tous.

“At Mastercard, we are thrilled to support Xaalys in this innovative project which focuses on teenagers’ financial literacy. Thanks to its parent/child mobile app, Xaalys aims at digitizing pocket-money with gamified, secured and social features that will undoubtedly win over the hearts of both teenagers and their parents” declares Solveig Honoré-Hatton, Managing Director of Mastercard France.

Xaalys mobile app is now available in store on Android and iOS.

About Xaalys

Xaalys is the first French mobile bank designed for teenagers. Xaalys provides 12 to 17 years old teens with a customized debit card and a BIN sponsored account. The Xaalys account is co-managed by the parent who can safely validate the teenager’s transactions and purchases directly in his own dedicated interface.

Xaalys has been designed to foster teenagers’ financial literacy while paving the path to financial independence because we are convinced that mastering your own money, no matter how small the amounts are, is key to raise more responsible adults.

As it is opened to everyone, disconnected from any traditional banking network, the Xaalys mobile bank reinvents digital banking by giving teenagers access to wish lists, shareable money pots, simplified saving programs, a chat feature to communicate with their “tribe” (friends and family) and gamified financial literacy content to improve financial literacy.

Amongst Xaalys’ partners are to be found Mastercard and La Finance pour Tous, an association according to the law of 1901, approved by the French Ministry of National Education, to tackle the subject of the financial literacy of French citizens.

Offered for sale since the 15th of April, Xaalys has been founded by Diana Brondel.

Press relations : Kadjo N’Doua, LE LAB,